Well, hello, Smith. (´-`)ノ Raining today, is it? You know what? I never go to school when it rains. But my mom doesn't understand. Stupid mom, with all her reasons! She says, "Go to school!" So I jumped down from the 2nd floor. That's a compound fracture, mind you. (T T) Pulverised into mush. (T△T) Splat! Absolutely "fubar" ed. Σ(T□T) Took 6 months to heal. So I got to take a half-year off from school! Whoopee! ヽ( '▽ ')ノ Altough not a single classmate came to visit me in the hospital. Mom? What about her? Of course she didn't come. (^ ^) She jumped with me. And I landed on top of her. Like, the coolest thing, you know. (T-T) ノ I'll leave the rest to your imagination. The imagination of a killer...

Welcome to the worst place hosted in the internet, everything written here is permanent and true. There is no passion or motivation, only never ending anger and sorrow.

This website will be shut down tomorrow or sooner. Archives will be deleted and any local copy corrupted.

I hate it, I hate it all, I hate every part of it, I hate everything in life.

Nothing to offer here

Im not that good at creating, I've tried arts and maths but nothing sticks, there are better people for you to read about if you are looking for that stuff. My opinions are not unique, I stole them from somebody else and they are probably still a bad opinion.

Try checking back in 25 years