living in a flesh world

hullo hullo there ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ, welcome to be site, after idunno how many nukings and redesigns I decided to follow Student's advice and recreate my first old design, all written in the glorious notepad++text editor. This site was first created cause I hate social media and think everyone having their own place on the internet is cool, is more personalized and allows for more freedom of what you put up, social media used to be like that, for example old youtube and myspace allowed for custom css, but now its just a avatar and banner, not even the Fediverse has the old level of customizability.

This site will probaly be used to list my complaints of various things or some other projects.

Site updates and entries (maybe) soon, I dont have much free time so Ill probably upload some videos to my youtube channel since its easier to upload a video recorded from my phone and upload it from there and ramble about what im saying and maybe making a thumbnail than having to fiddle in html and having to write it down.


"about" pages are hard

tl;dr no life nerd who never got pussy in his entire life
Im somewhat interested in technology, used to be a lot more but it died out I guess, I tried programming on python and then C but forgot most of it, used to be really autistic about linux too mostly because of /g/ and the crappy 15yo Acer laptop that couldnt even run Windows Vista I owned. Now I own a Acer Nitro 5 running Windows 10 (tried installing linux before but it couldnt detect the drive somehow), a Logitech K120 keyboard (pretty good for a 10 euro membrane keyboard), some chinese mouse, and 2 Sony ear/headphones (one wired, other wireless), I also own a Samsung J6, I hate smartphones but it's somewhat useful for reading manga on tachiyomi and listening to music. Im currently on a Technician IT course, probably will end up as a wagecuck.

I spend my free time watching animus, reading mangas and playing visual novels mainly, and sometimes play touhou. I watch animu on my old Samsung TV hooked to my laptop while comfy in bed. Unfortunately I don't have money or space to keep CD boxes or manga volumes (I prefer physical over digital) since I dont wagecuck or live by myself. Out of those 3 my favorite medium is visual novels, even if they dont have the same flashy animations or drawings in manga, I love the immersion most have and choices you can take to make the story somewhat personalized. I also own a few books, my favorite one probably being "No Longer Human" by Osamu Dazai.

The username "dawa" comes from a old skype call with a friend telling me to use that for my minecraft account and it just stuck with me, I dont talk to said friend anymore for a long time and its not like I want any status as a e-celeb but I never felt comfortable with other usernames

if you wanna talk or have a question my discord is dawa#4101 or just leave a comment on the neocities page.

heres my button in case you want it:

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